Lionel Bayol-Themines – 2021


Born in Castelsarrasin in 1968. Lives and works in Paris.
After initial studies in biochemistry, Lionel Bayol-Thémines went on to graduate from the Higher National School of Photography in Arles. He headed the Forum de l’image in Toulouse from 1998 to 2002, before moving to Paris in 2004. He is a permanent resident of the National Foundation for Graphic and Plastic Arts (FNAGP), and now divides his time between personal research and teaching photography and graphic arts at the Higher School of Art and Design (ESADHaR) in Rouen.

After much time devoted to human-centred research, he developed a visual universe featuring the symbiotic coexistence of two worlds, or rather two spaces, one real, and the other virtual. Inspired by the philosopher Vilém Flusser, who questions the history of images and their process of creation, as well as by certain artists, such as Joan Fontcuberta, who works on the supposed truth of photography, its ability to represent reality, to bear witness to or manipulate history, he creates unique images that question the capacity of digital photography to generate other “realities”. The artist also affirms the material dimension of images, developing devices that amount to photographic sculptures.

Most recently, his experimental approach has continued with the project Google as a Medium, questioning how landscape is shown via Google Earth and the impact of this software coupled with artificial intelligence on the representation of our living space. This work is primarily concerned with exploring this new geographic space, seeking to document something virtual, while investigating the dissemination of images and the programmes that generate them.

In 2018, his project Flux Scape was selected for the national photographic commission Flux, une société en mouvement, organised by the Ministry of Culture, CNAP.

In 2019, his project After Nadar was selected for the photographic commission of the MissionPhotographique du Grand Est (MPGE).