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Since 05 / 10 to 17 / 12 | 10h - 19h

It is not known when the human lineage separated from the African great apes. But the millions of years that split the species in two have not lessened what connects us. Our closeness is evident in the facial expression, tenderness and gestures of primates. Whether Isabel Muñoz makes their portraits in Basankusu, in Lwiro, in the east of the Congo or in the mountains of Kahuzi Biega, their attitudes are familiar to us. Maybe it is a question of DNA in common? Whatever the explanation, we can no longer deny belonging to this community.

With the support of Immobilier Sud Atlantique.

Family Album


Old Church of St. Vincent

Rue de la Vieille Eglise
33705 Mérignac

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