Cristal House

Since 05 / 10 to 12 / 12 | 10h - 19h

To create the “Cristal House” series, Anna Malagrida observed the life of a betting shop in the heart of Paris for days. From behind the window, she captured the comings and goings of the punters, their exchanges and their language. This is a work on the spaces dedicated to betting, the city and the interactions that, among other ways, are expressed by a mass of moving hands. These gestures are meticulously collected like so many dialogues between these characters waiting for a win, a dream to come true. Are such attitudes specific to a particular group (the microcosm of bettors) or do they constitute universal behaviour?

With the support of Immobilière Sud Atlantique.

Cristal House


Old Church of St. Vincent

Rue de la Vieille Eglise
33705 Mérignac

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