The Mérignac Photographic Festival 2017

The 2017 edition in a few words

The Mérignac Photographic Festival will be held from 5 October to 17 December 2017. François Cheval, assisted by Audrey Hoareau, is the guest curator of this second edition. The Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz will be the guest of honour.

The rich and varied programme is related to the theme of community and sharing. Comprising both well-known photographers and others who have never before exhibited in France, the artists invited to participate in the Mérignac Photographic Festival will will be showing their work in several locations within the town.

A series of events will be held during the highpoint days of the festival from October 5 to 8: workshops, portfolio reviews, meetings and screenings.

The exhibitions will stay open until December 17, 2017.

Second edition for the Mérignac Photo Festival

Mérignac is launching the second edition of the Mérignac Photographic Festival. François Cheval, curator at the Musée Nicéphore Niepce in Chalon-sur-Saône from 1996 to 2016 and co-founder of the first public museum of photography in China, in Lianzhou, which will open in 2017, is the guest curator of this new edition, assisted by Audrey Hoareau.

The artistic choices made by the Mérignac Photographic Festival are aimed at discovering artists of all backgrounds. What they have in common is that they place humanity, sharing and community at the heart of their work. In this edition they will endeavour to draw up a partial inventory of the notion of community, to make clear what we have lost.

Exhibitions accessible to all

The 2017 edition will take place in the town to be discovered and questioned by everyone. Mérignac is a spread out town, where each of the districts has a strong identity. Nevertheless, diversity prevails over particularities. Ephemeral structures will house temporary exhibitions in the public space. Created by scenographer Vasken Yéghiayan, these “grand houses” will enable the public to discover in comfort works that are enhanced by scenography and printing of high quality. The reasoning behind these constructions and this circuit is to enable everyone to find themselves.

Through a dozen exhibitions, the Mérignac Photographic Festival invites visitors to take back control over their time.

Isabel Muñoz, laureate of the National Prize for Photography in 2016, and guest of honour at the Mérignac Photographic Festival will present her series “Family Album” in the Old Church of St. Vincent. Eric Pickersgill, an American photographer, who is being exhibited for the first time in Europe, will present his work on social networks entitled “No Show” at the Médiathèque.

Events in collaboration with local entities are also planned, notably with the “Associés” collective.

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Workshops, portfolio reviews, film projections and conferences

Besides aiming to encourage the general public to discover various facets of photography, the specificity of the Mérignac Photographic Festival is to give an important place to encounters, exchange and practice. Thus, workshops and portfolio reviews run by professionals are planned.

A programme of screenings of documentary films is also being set up. This will be accompanied by lectures by anthropologists, ethnologists and sociologists with a view to exploring the question of community life, the need for it, and its limits, origins and emerging forms.

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